Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Harry Potter

Because this blog just got deleted....I will be rewriting my Harry Potter post. I really enjoyed the movie not only I was able to watch it in London but because I was also able to see how Britains approached this amazing movie. First off, on the fashion aspect, I was extremely suprised that noone dressed up for the show. In NYC you at least see capes, broomsticks, hats, or at least a protruding scar but none of that was present at the Harry Potter showing in London. I was shocked. Initially I believed that maybe Brits are not as enthusiastic about movies or the Harry Potter culture as us. I began to think about it but decided that maybe this is the London culture. I immediately had the latter backed up while watching the movie. People gasped and cheered and even clapped at the end of the movie! I thought it was an amazing experience filled with so much Harry Potter love!


To continue on with my fashion scheme I decided to make an appearance at Harrods. Initially I took a tour of the whole outside of the building. I passed by the Diana and Dodi memorial. I found it interesting that at the time people still left out flowers underneath the memorial. It shows how this tragedy still affects the British today. Though upon going to Harrods twice, I found out that it had been sold by the original owners. During the sale they had asked the new owners to not remove the memorial of Diana and Dodi. Apparently they did not listen because the second time I came, the outside memorial was nowhere to be found. Afterwards I proceeded inside. The inside was gorgeous. Each room had a different theme ranging from Egyptian to Christmas. The store held all the best fashion spots ranging from Chanel to Burberry. I found it astonishing to see the amount of people in the store but yet how little people bought. Harrods has become a huge tourism site where people literally go to window shop. What I enjoyed the most was the new Christmas world. I thought it fantastic and new. The food market was all the more better. All the different ranges of foods that not even Borough Market could provide were all featured in Harrods. Although the prices were way out of hand, it was interesting to see so many new fruits that I did not know even existed.

Borough Market!!

On a lovely Saturday morning I decided to go and visit the Borough Market. Since I already stayed by my best friend's dormitory and she lives down the street we got up early in order to get some breakfast. I have never seen a place so packed in such a long time. There were masses of people either trying to get some food, simply visit, or haggling for the best things. We immediately bought ourselves some fresh squeezed juice. It was delicious although expensive. From then on we walked around in search of breakfast. I passed so many new types of food I have never seen before in my entire life. What was nice is that many of the stalls would give out samples so to a certain extent I didn't even need to buy breakfast! I eventually decided to settle for a falafel. This decision became tough since I wasn't sure whether I wanted that or the bread with melted cheese on it. This opened my eyes entirely to the new type of London where the stereotype that London food is awful is definetely not true. Borough Market was one of my favorite experiences especially since I love people and food. You would assume the people who work there would get nasty due to the crowds but they were the sweetest making the experience even more lovely.

Tower of London!!

I especially really enjoyed the Tower of London. Not only is this structure surrounded by history but also by mystery and passion. My dad and I arrived there early and decided to join a group tour. We went everywhere ranging from the Bloody Tower to the White Tower. What I most enjoyed was listening to all the ghost stories associated with the tower. I got to see where Anne Boleyn got her head cut off and also able to visit the crown jewels! I thought that was the most spectacular part of the trip. I learned about the ravens and myth that if they ever leave the tower then the British empire will fall. Coupled with a visit to Tower Bridge I found it quite an amazng experience.