Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fashion Night Out!!

Fashion Night Out was held on September 8, 2010. We decided to take the tube to Bond Street, a street filled with numerous stores. I decided to attend this event since it was more posh than the street festivals I have been attending. I wanted to get a feel of what the other London fashion is. Each store was serving champagne and had major discounts in order to prepare for next weeks Fashion week. Many people were dressed elegantly ranging from pencil skirts to cocktail dresses. Some stores were more private than others, using guest lists to seperate the regulars from those higher up. Fashion Night Out also has many celebrities present, ranging from models to designers. I was extremely excited since I was able to get a glance and a picture of Giorgio Armani. It was interesting to see as to how many people viewed this night as a shopping steal versus a social event. Many people were simply chatting in corners while others were fervently attempting to get the best discount on the streets. Some stores even had live bands playing. This experience has led me to believc that fashion is more a social get together rather than a cut throat buisness center. People genuinely came out to just take a look around, meet some people, and potentially buy something. I've never seen anything like this.

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