Monday, October 4, 2010

Notting Hill Festival!!

I went to the Notting Hill Festival on August 29th 2010 in order to see what type of clothing people wear for carnivals in London.The fashion at the Notting Hill Festival was pretty diverse and exotic. In comparison to New York City, people were more adventerous and daring in the choice of their clothing. Most people in the carnival were lightly clothed in brilliant colors ranging from fire reds to sunny yellows. Each group within the parade dressed accordingly with the theme of their float. Even more interesting than the clothing of those within the parade were the clothes of the viewers. Some joined the fun and participated in dressing carribean-esqe. Others dressed casually. The majority of the crowd was dressed for comfort since the streets were packed and manuvering in the crowd was difficult. Face painting was extremely popular, not only for the young kids. Another popular accessory was hair pieces. Girls would wear large colorful flowers in their hair. Another accesory was that of flowing flower vines. These were even being sold on the street for 3 pounds encouraging the usage. People could be seen wearing clothing that actually flashed signs along with whistles and glow sticks. It gave me the impression that in London people are more vibrant and care less what other people think of them. The atmosphere was cheerful and promoted diversity within the crowd. I extremely enjoyed this experience and would not mind doing it again.

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