Monday, October 4, 2010

Thames Festival!!!

I went to the Thames River Festival on September 12, 2010. This time I decided to experience a festival during the night instead of the day. Similar to that of the Notting Hill Carnival, many people wore extravagent clothing. What was most interesting were the fashion choices of those working at the festival. Many shops were set up to represent different cultures, where people were selling things of that culture. For example, I saw a Polish booth where the people working (including a little girl) were dressed in the old fashioned mountain uniforms consisting of bright red long skirts, a white shirt, and a black vest embroidered with colorful flowers. Another example is I saw a bunch of vendors dressing up as Native Americans. This was unique for me because it showed me as to how diverse and cultural London is. It reminded me of how the United States are not the only melting pot in the world. It also made me happy to see so many people proud of their heritage. Although people dressed more warmly since it was nighttime, the clothing got even crazier. One man had on a top hat where on that hat there were minature houses going up. It was also really cool to see so many clothing shops lining the Thames. It displayed as to how much people enjoy fashion within London and how street clothes have just as much worth as those in posh stores. Lastly it was great to see the fireworks go off at night. Although we were actually trying to exit the festival, we got caught up in the crowd and being unable to move the fireworks went off. It was a spectacular sight!

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