Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Westminster Abbey

In September I decided to visit Westminster Abbey. Initially when standing outside it has a huge impact on a person. To know that kings and queens are coronated here and when they die buried was something marvelous. The age of the Abbey also contained such a presence. I went into the abbey only to find that there are small recorders everyone can recieve in order to learn about the numerous tombs. It was cool to see that there were so many language options on the recorder since so many people from around the world visit the abbey. Going further inside the two things I found most spectacular was the tombs of Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth I. I found it rather odd that the sisters were buried one on top of the other due to their different ideologies considering England and religion. Apparently they were buried together in order to console their differences. Another interesting thing was the Poet's Corner. Walking into this section of the church was amazing since I am a huge poetry fan. I was able to see tombs such as Chaucer, Charles Dickens, and Lewis Carrol. Even if a famous poet was not buried in the abbey, he had his own plaque or statue to commemorate him. Poets like this ranged from William Blake to John Keats and finally Shakespeare. I was stunned by the architecture and the vastness of the abbey. I was also shocked to see Darwin and Newton being buried within the abbey. It was interesting for me because I would never think that science would hold such a special part in Westminster Abbey. It gave me a different insight on the church and its ideals which I found to be rather enthralling.

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